Basic usageΒΆ

First, install Veros-BGC:

$ pip install veros-bgc

To get started with a new setup, you can use bgc_global_4deg as a template:

$ veros copy-setup bgc_global_4deg

To enable Veros-BGC on a new setup, you will have to register it as a Veros plugin. Add the following to your setup definition:

import veros_bgc

class MySetup(VerosSetup):
    __veros_plugins__ = (veros_bgc,)

This registers the plugin for use with Veros. Then, you can use the Veros-BGC settings to configure Veros-BGC. The most important settings is enable_npzd, which acts as a master switch for Veros-BGC:

class MySetup(VerosSetup):
    # ...

    def set_parameter(self, vs):
        vs.enable_npzd = True

See also

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